Hello! We are Luiza and Nic Toporcov

together we are lunic visuals

Luiza is a photographer/videographer and the editor behind all things Lunic. Nic is a Software Developer on weekdays but a magician behind the lens on weekends as the primary photo/videographer. They are both from Brazil but met [and fell in love] in Florida. Since then, they got married, had a baby girl named Luna, and are lucky enough to see the world together while meeting the most incredible people and capturing their love stories.

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Alex & Juan // jacksonville, fl

I don’t even know where to begin. Lunic Visuals as a business, Nic and Luiza as a couple, as photographers/videographers, as our hype crew, in every way they are incredible! On our wedding day they also brought Juan and he was so amazing

as well! He had me laughing the whole time.

But let’s get to the most important part of all of it all. From the start Nic and Luiza were so incredible and sweet and took the time to get to know us as a couple to better understand each other and create a connection that helped my husband and I open up at our engagement shoot. It was the first time we were both in front of a professional photographer so we were super nervous, and they tore those walls down and made us laugh the whole time, which made for beautiful photos! They walked us through prompts and poses as well.

On the wedding day, every single photo was absolutely magical and translated our love so well. It felt like a wedding out of a magazine! They were able to reel in our large wedding party for awesome photos and videos and really painted the picture of my husband and I’s love through images.

caroline & ruan // Breckenridge, CO

Can a wedding video elicit more tears than the actual wedding? That was exactly the case for my Husband and I when watching the elopement video Lunic created for us. Their great attention to detail and their chosen edits combines for a cinematic like video. We were so lucky and very fortunate to have chosen Lunic for our videographer. You and your family will not be disappointed. We can't say enough about how please we are with our experience with Lunic.

morgan & trevor // Green Cove Springs, FL

I think these two quotes really drive home how incredible working with Lunic Visual was for our August 2021 wedding. The first is from one of our bridesmaids: “This video needs to be this videographers ad for business bc holy cow perfection.” The second is from my husband: “I really didn’t feel like they were in our faces the whole night but they caught everything.”

I want to sing praises from the rooftops about their work! Our video came out incredible and they captured all the moments and laughter without it feeling overwhelming or forced.

In addition to being in love with our videos, they were so sweet and easy to work with. Not only that, but they worked with us when we rescheduled twice from COVID concerns. They were kind and amazing and even though Luiza couldn’t be there due to maternity leave, we didn’t feel like their performance was hindered. So so so thankful that we were pointed in their direction!

Rosey & tyler // st. augustine, fl

Luiza and Nic are not only the most down to earth and sweetest photographers I’ve ever worked with, they also hold themselves to a high standard of professionalism and excellence. With such an amazing balance of ensuring you’re comfortable in front of the camera and obtaining the best angles they have created the best formula for the perfect photos!

Lunic photographed our wedding on September 19, 2020 and throughout the entire year prior of planning a wedding out of state AND during COVID-19, they were always in touch and there for us for whatever we needed. They made sure we felt supported and they delivered more than I could ever imagine. My wedding was during a rainy weekend and they brought the best energy and creativity to give us the most spectacular photos! They truly didn’t miss a beat! They captured every single precious moment of the day and these are memories they have helped us collect that we will share with our families and our future children. I can’t thank them enough!

elizabeth & thomas // miami, fl

Having Luiza and Nic both able to speak Portuguese/Spanish and English in our wedding was so helpful! Most of the bridesmaids and the my family were mostly Spanish speakers and my husband's family and groomsmen were all American. Having both Nic and Luiza being able to communicate with everyone in the wedding party and all guests was super helpful! They were doing both photo and video and they made it super easy for all of us to know what we were supposed to be doing! The photos all came out amazing and I literally cry every time I watch the video.